Text-based Proposal Template
Please use the following template to make informal or formal governance proposals
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Text Proposal {1} {Example Proposal}


{PROPOSED} {Not Implemented}
Select from below: {DRAFT | PROPOSED | ACCEPTED | REJECTED | SUPERSEEDED by PROPOSAL-xxx | ABANDONED} __ {Implemented | Not Implemented}


This is an example of a Proposal Summary
A short (~150 word) description of the Proposal you want to make. Provide a simplified and layman-accessible explanation of the Proposal in plain English to have the best chance of gaining community interest and having it accepted.

Document(s) to change:

{Insert link}
Document(s) with suggested revisions:
{Insert link}


A longer <500 description of the changes you want to make, making direct references to where you want to make changes from, using links.
I want to change the cheqd Proposal Template because it misses a section on X. This amendment would make the process of making Proposals smoother for the entire community.


This section describes the resulting context, after applying the decision. All consequences should be listed here, not just the "positive" ones. A particular decision may have positive, negative, and neutral consequences, but all of them affect the community and project in the future.


A new Governance template including X would be beneficial for the community and would make X easier to see.


No notable negative consequences


Changing the template loses consistency over time